HDB@ONE "Saving resource high performance hybrid data base"


Function and Features

  • Realizes the client server environment that makes the mainframe a database server
  • Provides the latest data base technology at any time
  • Data integrity is guaranteed because of real-time synchronization of the mainframe and open database
  • CPU load of the host environment is reduced by processing system SQL reference in an open environment
  • The investment of existing software/hardware is used to yield the maximum effect
  • Doesn't depend on specific DBMS
  • SQL/API supports JDBC and ODBC


Purpose of hybrid database

  • The database application is divided into the three layers. Those are Data, DBMS system and application
  • The SQL is effective for separating the application and DBMS engine
  • The other hand, the Hybrid database is effective for separating the database and DBMS engine



  • From application, Insert, Update and Delete statement will update both Replica and Master database synchronously
  • Updating of Master database replicate to LUW database immediately
  • Select statement access only Replica database on LUW environment


  • We have selected DB2 for z/OS as mainframe database
  • We have selected Oracle as LUW because only Oracle database supports synchronized replication from database trigger
  • We have implemented asynchronized replication software to replicate mainframe data to LUW database
  • LUW database should support updating to re-mote database by database trigger

DB2 -> Oracle : Asyncronized replication

  • From DB2 to Oracle uses aynchrozined replication. Implemented with IBM® Q-Replication V9.7(MQ)+Federation server V9.7 or Oracle® GoldenGate